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i-sopod float tanks helps heal the SEALs

01 February 2017

Before opening Virginia High Performance, a training facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, Jeff Nichols and Alex Oliver were both long serving members of the US Navy SEALs where they experienced multiple concussions.

Alex Oliver worked as the Chief Performance Officer when the SEALs took their first i-sopod delivery. Seeing how floating helped hundreds of Special Forces Operators recover from concussion they went one step further, producing equipment to read what was happening to the brain during a float session. Readings showed that personnel recovered more quickly from concussions. Memory was improved. Chronic pain was less so many users were able to stop medication. They also showed that floating accelerated learning.

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i-sopod install at Australian Institute of Sport

14 December 2016

For 3 decades the Australian Institute of Sport has led the world in terms of sports science and peak performance.

Since 1993 they have utilised the floatation tank for their athletes.

Their expertise has seen Australia punch way above their weight on the world sporting scene, with a population that has only recently topped 20 million the nation has excelled at Olympic Games and in a multitude of team sports… Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, netball and cycling to name a few.

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Floatation Tanks and Sports Science

14 August 2016

Floating maximises the benefits of fitness training and workouts. While exercise stimulates muscle growth, the strengthening process itself occurs 30 to 40 hours after the work out. The deep physical relaxation achieved in the float tank can improve circulation and accelerate the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.

Physical exercise can cause a build up of lactic acid, which is often experienced as pain and cramp in the muscles, and has been linked with the feelings of depression known as ‘post-game letdown‘ which can affect even part-time joggers.

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